Freedom Radio International, we are testing our webstream right now, We launch Spring 2014.

Freedom Radio International is a new Europe and Worldwide Radio Service which launches later in 2015, which will enable Religious and Talk Show Hosts the opportunity to reach a large and dedicated audience.

Streaming via High Powered quality reliable Shortwave Transmission facilities located in Western Europe, and also via the 21st century way to reach a Worldwide Audience, Smart Phone Radio.

Indications from our test transmissions show that we are already reaching people who previously were unable yp hear Smartphone Radio. Figures direct from our Internet servers based in Europe show that this audience is eager to hear about the World outside their previously closed borders.

The top 10 countries listening right now to Freedom Radio are: 1.Russia 2. Africa 3. United States 4. Poland 5. Romania 6. Bulgaria 7. China 9. Latvia 10 Gambia This is a test stream..stand by for the real radio revolution....

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